tips crystal clear aquarium water

My Crystal Clear Tank: Tips For Crystal Clear Aquarium Water

Today I would like to share my successful trial on keeping my 4 x 1.5 x 2 foot aquarium water stay crystal clear.

There are few tips for crystal clear aquarium water that will be beneficial for those who wants to have a low cost maintenance aquarium at home.

Tips For Crystal Clear Aquarium Water

Just a simple custom made bio filter.

It is cost effective and the most important one is low maintenance.

I had used this filter more than 1 year.

During that time, I only replaced aquarium water 4 times. Roughly every 3 month. It reduce a lot of effort require to maintain the aquarium.

Previously with overhead filter system (conventional filter), I need to replace the water at least once a month. The worst part is to wash the filter media full with fish waste. At the same time usually some fish will died during that process.

Tips For Crystal Clear Aquarium Water: K1 Filter Media

What I use is K1 filter media.

K1 filter media has a long history of successful performance. Basically it provides space for organism to colonise around it. At the same time that organism will transform harmful fish waste in the water to the safe one. So whatever organism gets benefits from fish waste will stay on the media and helps clean the water. That how it works.

How did I find out about K1 filter media?

It starts after several months I own my first big aquarium. Excitement on big aquarium fades away when I saw aquarium in milky water.

Suppose it help me feel relax, enjoy viewing fish once back from long working hours but it not.

Almost every 2 weeks I need to replace the water. I did try some others conventional filter media in different size. It helps to extend water condition crystal clear a bit longer but the media need to wash frequently.

It only manages to push my schedule to replace water once a month. Before this I only have 1 x 1 foot small tank. It is easy to maintain small one compare to this.

Then I start looking into industrial practice especially use in advance fish farming. During that search I found about K1 filter. So I decided to try this new filtering method.

I bought this media from pet shop and try. It causes me almost 2 years to experiment on some model shown in YouTube.

Finally with some modifications, it works.

Now no more overhead filter, no more filter media need to wash, no more milky water to replace.

Tips For Crystal Clear Aquarium Water

My aquarium water is crystal clear every day.

Tips For Crystal Clear Aquarium Water

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